Sex slave auctions held at British airports

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

The British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said people are being sold into the sex trade in auctions held at British airports.

Nazir Afzal, the CPS director, says British airports are becoming crime hotspots and “We are now seeing ‘slave auctions’ being held in public places at airports where brothel keepers are bidding for women destined for prostitution.”

The people being traded are said to include those of Eastern European origin. Airports mentioned included Britain’s “big three”: Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Tim Brain, the Gloucestershire chief constable in charge of an investigation called “Operation Pentameter,” said there might be hundreds of foreign slaves living in Britain.

A world-scale criminal activity, police have said men or women who have visited brothels where they suspect people have been coerced into prostitution should contact the authorities in confidence.

The scandal in which British airports have become key crossing points in slave markets is expected to be discussed more fully at a CPS conference on Monday.

Pimple Prevention Advice


Juliet Cohen

Keep your face clean and don’t over scrub it. This will only annoy your skin and make you other prone to breakouts. Clean your face twice a day with antibacterial soap, three times a day for acne flat skin. To avoid aggravating pimples, stay away from callous soaps and fragrances.

To avoid transferring bacteria and microbes, clean your pillowcase, washcloths, towels, make-up brushes and applicators often. Try washing your make-up applicators in antibacterial soap other clarifying shampoo. Keep your hair clean and out of your face. Along the similar line, keep your phone mouthpiece and writing utensil away from your cheek and wash them frequently.

Avoid wearing heavy make-up and forever wash it off before going to bed. Buy make-up particularly designed for your skin type and throw it away after it’s finish date. Wash your hands frequently and make a aware effort to avoid touching your face during the daytime hours. This is when you’re most likely to do it and you may not realize that it’s a habit. Any correlation to diet and blemishes is a myth. There is no evidence that greasy food and sugar will reason your skin to break out, however extra junk food can lead to health problems down the road — so keep your diet healthy.

It’s best to keep your anxiety level down and get your beauty rest. When you’re under stress, do not disregard your skin care routine. Take the time for preventive maintenance or your pimples will return with a revenge. Very hot food or drink destroys the physical energy. Very cold food is difficult to digest. If you will eat with very quick speed than juice is not provided to the mouth & glands due to which food takes a long time to digest. Don’t eat food very gradually because it makes the food dry & tasteless. Therefore if you will eat food in a good manner than sicknesses relating to the stomach will not take place & you will be saved from the physical illnesses & stomach complexity. It will defend you from pimples.

Treating Acne and Pimples on your Back

While all of the above home remedies are affective for pimples, there’s no doubt, the back is difficult to care for without some assist. Invest in a good back-scrubber to get to the areas you can’t reach in the shower and always utilize clean, dry towels. Ask for a few help to apply some astringent to your back with cotton balls after every bath and shower. Stay your bed sheets and mattress pad dirt free. If you have staintion but no scars, these too will maybe fade as time passes.

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Pimple Prevention Advice


Swine flu, in-depth: worldwide report

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The H1N1 outbreak of swine flu, which began in Mexico this April, has now spread across the globe. There have been at least 3,330 deaths from the swine flu since the virus started spreading, out of almost 316,000 total reported cases.

Nine countries — Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, and the US — have promised to send ten percent of their antiviral vaccine supply to other countries, should the latter be in need of it. The plan was agreed to “in recognition that diseases know no borders and that the health of the American people is inseparable from the health of people around the world,” a statement by the US government read.

In an in-depth report, Wikinews takes a look at how the disease has affected countries around the world.

As of Wednesday, Brazil has registered 899 deaths from the swine flu, making it the hardest-hit country in terms of fatalities. The city of Sao Paulo reported 327 deaths, and Rio de Janerio 84.

However, the country’s health ministry also said that the rate of serious cases “fell for the fifth straight week.”

Brazil had surpassed the United States, which has 593 deaths, in number of total fatalities from the outbreak late in August.

Argentina, Brazil’s neighbour to the south, has 512 deaths from the H1N1 virus.

10,000 cases of swine flu were confirmed across China since the outbreak began. The number of infections seems to be increasing quickly.

Communications director for the World Health Organisation Vivian Tan said that “in the last week or so, the increase has been quite quick,” attributing the rise to a small decrease in temperatures as fall sets in, as well as students returning to school after summer breaks.

China’s official news agency Xinhua reported that 1,118 new cases of the influenza were reported in a two-day period earlier in the week, adding that a vast majority of the cases had been transmitted in China, not by persons entering the country from abroad.

All 31 of China’s provinces have reported instances of the flu. The disease initially seemed to be limited to large cities, but recently has started moving into more rural areas.

No casualties from the swine flu have yet been confirmed in China.

The office of France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy said that the country would pledge up to one tenth or nine million of its 94 million antiviral vaccine doses to the World Health Organisation, to be distributed to countries with fewer vaccine supplies if needed.

International solidarity “will be a determining factor in reducing the health, economic and social impact of the pandemic,” according to a statement released by the government.

On Wednesday, eleven people had been reported dead from the virus in India, taking the country’s death toll up to 212 people. The number of people infected with the influenza is now estimated at 6,800.

India’s health ministry on Tuesday said that the Tamiflu drug would be on sale in the open market within seven days, allowing for a “restricted sale” of the drug.

An unnamed official said that “it is expected that within the next five to seven days, both the drugs would be available in the retail market through identified chemists against proper medical prescriptions.

“Taking into account the current spread of the influenza A(H1N1) in the country, the health ministry has decided that retail sale of Tamiflu and Zanamivir should be allowed in the country but in a regulated manner,” he said.

Previously, distribution of Tamiflu was prohibited by the government, and access to it was only available through public health institutions.

At least 70 people in Kenya have the swine flu, according to local health official. In the latest outbreak, twenty high school students came down with the virus and had to be quarantined on Thursday.

“A majority of the affected students who are in Forms One and Two were treated and advised to remain under bed rest to minimise further spread of the disease among the student community,” said the director of Public Health, Dr. Shanaaz Shariff. However, he said that the students’ illness was “not too serious to warrant hospitalisation.”

Security guards were placed around the school the students were isolated in, with orders only to allow medical personnel to enter the premises.

Kenya’s capital Nairobi has been the worst hit by the flu, having reported forty cases. Other cities affected by the flu are Kisumu and Rift Valley, who have reported eighteen and ten cases of the H1N1 virus, respectively.

Mexico, the country in which the outbreak initially started, has 25,214 reported cases and 217 fatalities from the virus. Some recent cases have forced schools to close down.

Jose Angel Cordova, the Mexican health secretary, said that the virus could infect as many as five million of Mexico’s 107 million people, and, in a worst-case scenario, cause up to 2,000 deaths. His estimate is higher than his previous prediction of 1 million cases and 1,000 deaths, made last month.

About five thousand new cases of swine flu were reported in the United Kingdom in recent weeks, reversing a declining trend in the number of new infections. Health officials have suggested this could lead up to a second outbreak of the virus.

“We don’t know whether this is the start of the next big wave that we were expecting this autumn but it is certainly something that’s giving us concern. It will probably be a week or two before we see whether this increase is sustained.” said Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer.

Health authorities have said that at least 25 cases appear to have been resistant to the Tamiflu drug prescribed to treat the illness.

Donaldson said that “the positive side of it is that so far these have not been strains that have then gone on and affected other patients, they have stayed with the patient in which they were isolated. What would worry us is if we got a resistant strain that then started infecting people like the rest of the cases of flu that have occurred.”

The UK is one of several countries that have pledged up to one tenth of their vaccine stock to to other countries if they are in need of more supplies. “[Britain] recognizes that H1N1 is a global pandemic which requires a global response,” the International Development Secretary, Douglas Alexander, said. “Solidarity with other nations is vital, particularly the poorest who may be most vulnerable and have least capacity to respond.”

The US government recently bought 195 million doses of swine flu vaccine. Health Care Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that free shots will be given out early in October. The vaccination is to be voluntary, but priority will be given to certain groups, such as toddlers and children, adults over the age of 65, and pregnant women, who are considered especially vulnerable to the virus.

“We remain confident that the United States will have sufficient doses of the vaccine to ensure that every American who wants a vaccine is able to receive one,” a White House statement said.

As of September 16, the US had 593 deaths from the flu.

144 people in Vietnam were diagnosed with the swine flu on Wednesday, bringing the total number of infected people in the country to 5,648. This week, the number of affected people has increased by 1104 infections or 6.3%.

Nguyen Tran Hien, the director of the Central Institute of Hygiene Epidemiology, predicted that the swine flu would peak at the end of 2009 and the beginning 2010.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health called for more research into a swine flu vaccine, and urged the the National Steering Board on Flu Prevention in Humans to give out more doses of the drug Tamiflu to areas hardest hit by the flu.

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Arson charge for man who cleaned home with gasoline

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ernest Krajniak from Chilton, Wisconsin in the United States has been charged with arson after a lit cigarette ignited gasoline soaked clothes, setting his apartment ablaze.

On Friday April 3, Krajniak, 47, cleaned his entire apartment with about five gallons of gasoline, wiping everything down with the soaked clothes. After he was finished, he piled the soaked clothes in the center of his bedroom, lit a cigarette and then threw what was left of the still lit cigarette, into the pile.

Krajniak never called the fire department and never pulled the alarm. Instead he yelled ‘fire’ a few times then walked to the police station where an ambulance took him to a local hospital for the treatment of minor burns. The fire department later arrived to put out the blaze and his apartment was extensively smoke damaged. 11 other apartments were also damaged, leaving the occupants without a place to stay for at least a week.

“I should have never used that,” said Krajniak during a court appearance on Monday. He admitted to knowing that gasoline was highly flammable. He was arrested and his bond has been set a US$2,500. Krajniak’s next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, April 13. According to, Krajniak has no prior criminal record.

The careless smoking of cigarettes has been blamed for thousands of fires across the U.S. In January 2008, an unnamed elderly woman in Buffalo, New York was receiving oxygen for medical problems in her home and lit a cigarette and began to smoke it. The oxygen coming from her mask then facilitated the ignition of her clothing, setting her on fire.

In the U.S. in 2002, only 4% of all residential fires were reportedly caused by smoking materials. These fires, however, were responsible for 19% of residential fire fatalities and 9% of injuries. The fatality rate due to smoking is nearly four times higher than the overall residential fire rate; injuries are more than twice as likely. Forty percent of all smoking fires start in the bedroom or living room/family room; in 35% of these fires, bedding or upholstered furniture are the items first ignited.

Small cash loan: Meet your small needs.


Olivia Maaret

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Small cash loan: Meet your small needs. }

Avalanche buries cars in Colorado

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

An avalanche on U.S. Route 40, which was 100 feet wide and 15 feet deep, has buried many cars, caused other cars to be pushed over the edge of an expressway, and injured eight people, just outside of Denver, Colorado. The avalanche started at 10:30 AM, starting about 12 miles off Interstate 70, and taking three different paths down the mountain before coming to a stop.

“Our crews said it was the largest they have ever seen. It took three paths,” said a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Transportation, Stacey Stegman.

All eight (7 adults, 1 minor) have been taken to the St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver. According to a hospital spokeswoman, all of the victims suffered minor injuries. Seven patients were released on Saturday. There were no casualties.

U.S. route 40 is currently closed to traffic. According to Winter Park spokesman Matt Sugar, there are no plans to close the ski hills. “We’ve gotten calls from all over the country asking if the resort is closed,” he said, “and the answer is no.”

This is the third snow storm to hit the Denver area in three weeks.

Israeli barrage of Gaza continues with strike on PM’s office

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Israel has continued its barrage of the Gaza Strip with an attack by a helicopter gunship on the office of the Palestinian prime minister. The attack, which left the building ablaze, injured three Palestinian security guards and was described by the prime minister, Ismail Haniya, as senseless. “This is the policy of the jungle and arrogance,” Haniya told Reuters. “They have targeted a symbol for the Palestinian people.”

Israel claims the attack on Gaza, codenamed Operation Summer Rains, is to pressure the Palestinian government into freeing Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the Israeli tank gunner Israel describes as having been kidnapped by Palestinian militants on Monday.

Other Israeli strikes on Saturday night hit a school in Gaza City and Hamas facilities in the town of Jabalia in the north of the strip where one 34-year-old Hamas operative was killed and another wounded.

Founder of UK sports car manufacturer TVR dies in Spain

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trevor Wilkinson, who founded the UK performance car manufacturer TVR has died at his home in Minorca, Spain. He was 85.

Wilkinson, from Blackpool, left education at 14, getting an apprenticeship at a local garage. In 1946 he bought a local wheelwright’s business, which he renamed Trevcar Motors, which sold and repaired cars, as well as undertaking light engineering work.

He built his first car the following year. It was a two-seater based on an Alvis Firebird chassis for his own use. He then formed TVR Engineering, the name derived from his own – TreVoR. The first TVR was unveiled in 1949. It was a two-seater with an alloy body and a multi-tubular steel chassis.

The first production TVR was initially called simply the ‘Mark I’, but became known as the Grantura. This M-type glass fibre bodied car was to remain in production, in a modified form, until 1980, when it was replaced by the Tasmin, which had an angular wedge design.

Wilkinson himself left TVR in 1962 to form another engineering business, which specialised in glass fibre construction. He moved to Minorca after retiring.

The TVR Car Club website announced yesterday that he had died in Spain. The news was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Minorca’s Mateu Orfila Hospital. According to the TVR Car Club’s site “He was aware of the serious nature of his final illness but, according to a friend, took it in stoical fashion that was typical of the man.”

Automatic Cheese Grater- Good Points to Help You Pick the Best


G. Smitty

If you love food and cheese, you will definitely love to add cheese flakes on your food. You could use a cheese grater to make cheese flakes. A cheese grater converts a block of cheese into flakes or slices based on your tastes and preferences. The flakes are scattered over your dishes before serving or added to meals like lasagna and pizza. Mostly, the sharp blades of a cheese grater are made of stainless steel to prevent them from corroding. However, you can find cheese graters with plastic blades. Cheese graters are generally available as an automatic cheese grater, a rotary cheese grater, an electric grater and a microplane cheese grater.

Cheese has become common in roughly all recipes that it is difficult to select a recipe without cheese as an ingredient. Cheese is available in several varieties and it adds an amazing flavor to the food. It is therefore considered as a very versatile food type. Most of the recipes call for grated cheese as it melts easily. It spreads evenly in the entire dish too. The most effective and easy-to-use gadget is the automatic cheese grater.

YouTube Preview Image

Rechargeable batteries power most types of automatic Cheese graters. There is also a charging base that can be mounted on the wall. You can thus recharge your gadgets batteries and continue chopping up the cheese in no time. Automatic graters can be used to slice both soft and solid cheese. Maybe you are wondering why a regular grater is not as useful as an automatic grater is? Try using one to understand how time-consuming and laborious it is to grate cheese using the ordinary tools. You do not need to plan the activity to occur in several hours. With automatic cheese graters, the task becomes very simple and quick.

The flakes generated are constant in terms of shape and size compared to irregular flakes generated by the usual gadgets. Therefore you could use the regular and nicely shaped flakes to garnish your meals. People who have arthritis or joint pains find it difficult to grate cheese using the regular cheese graters. This problem does not arise when the same people buy and use an automatic cheese grater. There are various brands of automatic devices you can find in the offline market. You will find several brands operating online as well.

You might want to look for a grater that has additional blades to chop up various sizes of cheese flakes. You have to do your research nicely before you decide on which grater to go for. Some expensive cheese graters have lots of features. You must read through the customer reviews of the various models, as this will help you to select the best products.

Reviews enlighten you on repair, maintenance and cleaning of cheese graters. So, if you wish to cook some amazing gourmet food for your family or guests, using cheese flakes, invest in an automatic cheese grater. Many of these inexpensive gadgets are trendy and you cannot feel embarrassed if your visitors use them at the dinner table. Above everything else, these automatic tools can help you when preparing urgent meals because they are quick and reliable.

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