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  • Several episodes of ‘Orange is the New Black’ released prematurely by hacker
  • Turkey blocks Wikipedia, alleging smear campaign

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International row after Spielberg quits 2008 Beijing Olympics

The U.S. film director stepped down as artistic adviser saying that China, which has close links to the Sudanese government, should do more to address the Darfur situation. » Full story

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‘Top Model’ winner Jaslene Gonzalez on her career and being a Latina role model

Wikinews talks with America’s Next Top Model’s first Puerto Rican winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, about her childhood, what makes her a strong individual, and what television show her abuela would want her to go on. This is also the first time one of our interviews can also be read in Spanish at Wikinoticias. » Full story

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  • Modern radio drama Paranoria, TX releases 100th episode
  • Wikinews interviews India’s first female Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik
  • Wikinews interviews Augustus Sol Invictus, Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate

FIFA World Cup 2006

FinalItaly 6-4 FranceThird place play-offGermany 3-1 PortugalSemi-finalsFrance 1-0 PortugalGermany 0-2 ItalyQuarter-finalsFrance 1-0 BrazilEngland 1-3 PortugalItaly 3-0 UkraineGermany 5-3 Argentina

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Audio Wikinews

August 06, 2010

Original reportingFirst-hand journalism by Wikinews reporters (More…)

  • Wikinews visits set of indie film ‘Dead on Set’
  • Fans unite at Toronto Comicon, meet Degrassi stars
  • Oakland, California record release party catches fire

Wikinews from May 5, 2008 (More…)

  • Wikinews Interview: Experts in IT industry comment about security of WiMAX
  • White House spokesperson discusses situation in Burma
  • At least 10,000 reported dead after Burma cyclone
  • Clinical signs a ‘reliable measure’ of HIV treatment progress

Wikinews from May 5, 2007 (More…)

  • NHL: Sharks Lose Game 5 to Wings
  • Street Sense wins Kentucky Derby
  • At least nine killed in Greensburg, Kansas tornado
  • Bermuda Chief Justice: No new charges in Middleton murder

Wikinews from May 5, 2006 (More…)

  • U.S.; China has provided military aid and training to Venezuela
  • Cindy Sheehan urges Canada to welcome U.S. deserters
  • Indian music composer Naushad Ali dies
  • Darfur rebel leader signs peace plan

Wikinews from May 5, 2005 (More…)

  • Kashmir: Bus across Line of Control goes through peacefully
  • UK general election, 2005
  • Israeli withdrawal halted until Palestinians disarm militants
  • Explosions near British consulate in New York shatter windows

  • Scientists use novel gene-editing technique to remove HIV from live animals
  • ?????????
  • Football
  • America
  • Acagastya/UserBabel
  • ?????? ????????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????????
  • Teacher Surprised with a Pair of Glasses for Color Blindness by his Students
  • Main Page/PrintEd
  • Biological mother of children of infamous Youtuber ‘DaddyOFive’ has been granted emergency custody of her children
  • Probable US attack to North Korea
  • Arsenal 0-2 Tottenham 30-04-2017
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Georgia
  • Congo
  • British minister claims Chechnyan government plans to eliminate gay community by late May
  • Hockey
  • TEST PAGE:Self-publish yesterday
  • TEST PAGE:Self-publish today
  • Japanese motorcylist Shoya Tomizawa dies aged 19 after crash in San Marino
  • Wal-Mart heir John Walton killed in plane crash/Brief
  • Ontario Votes 2007
  • Another test article for the devs
  • Cambridge
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announces cooperation between KDE Group and Wikimedia/Brief
  • In depth: XM and Sirius merger
  • WP:AWB/T
  • 2007 Big Sky Tournament
  • Punjab
  • Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, Gargamel, dead at 82/Brief
  • Roma
  • Cleveland
  • House of Commons
  • Citizens Party
  • ABC News
  • Pepe
  • Amazon
  • News briefs:June 5 and 6, 2010
  • San Diego
  • Britain
  • Wikinews Shorts:Today
  • Tripoli
  • Coke
  • Ba’ath Party
  • Foreign Office
  • Ghent
  • Gendarmerie
  • Eid
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Australian
  • White House
  • Baath Party
  • Huckabee, Obama win Iowa caucuses/Results
  • TSA cuts US airport security screening personnel/Brief
  • Reports surface that Bush will install Bones brother to head up Plame inquiry/Brief
  • ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67/Brief
  • Robin Cook dead after collapsing/Brief
  • Flash floods hit Australia’s eastern coast/Brief
  • Helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 17/Brief
  • Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather/Brief
  • Space Shuttle Discovery landing cancelled for today/Brief
  • Norway and Denmark conducting observation flights over Belarus and Russia/Brief
  • OhmyNews forum discusses experiences in citizen journalism/Brief
  • Archaeologists find 1.8M-year-old Homo erectus skull/Brief
  • Test article for dev use
  • Football: Kežman goes to Madrid/Brief
  • Russian submarine rescued by Royal Navy/Brief
  • Market Data/^MXX
  • Rwandan businessmen sentenced for War Crimes/Brief
  • Kurmanbek Bakiev sworn in as president of Kyrgyzstan/Brief
  • U.S. Marines accused of assaulting Australian freed by U.S. military court/Brief
  • Julian McGauran makes rude gesture to Australian Senate/Brief
  • Lukashenko accuses foreign donators of ideological expansion/Brief
  • Maciej Zurawski accepts Celtic’s offer/Brief
  • Actor John Fiedler, voice of Piglet and “Bob Newhart” regular, dead at 80/Brief
  • Bodies found at crash site of US helicopter in Afghanistan/Brief
  • Israeli soldier convicted in killing of British activist in Gaza Strip/Brief
  • New Zealand’s South Island and southern North Island struck by storms/Brief
  • Babies on U.S. no-fly lists holding up passengers/Brief
  • Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rules against file swapping companies/Brief
  • Main Page Lite
  • Larson B ice-shelf collapse reveals exotic organisms isolated for 10,000 years/Brief
  • Brazil wins Confederations Cup/Brief
  • Plane carrying 160 crashes in Venezuela/Brief
  • France secures site for 10 billion euro nuclear fusion research project/Brief
  • Shelby Foote, 88, noted historian and author, dies/Brief
  • Undercover investigation into protests planned for July’s G8 summit/Brief
  • Australian Foreign Affairs Minister denies knowledge of Guantanamo abuse allegations/brief
  • US helicopter with 17 on board believed to have been shot down in Afghanistan/Brief
  • Sharapova knocked out of Wimbledon 2005 in semi-final/Brief
  • Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece, no passengers survive/Brief
  • 2007 A-Sun Tournament
  • 2007 Patriot League Tournament
  • 2007 SWAC Tournament
  • 2007 Mid-Con Tournament
  • 2007 NEC Tournament
  • 2007 Southland Tournament
  • 2007 Big South Tournament
  • 2007 OVC Tournament
  • Lemoine Suggests: investigations from a Wikimedia Foundation news leak/Email Sue Gardner Jan 5, 2008 4:15 AM
  • 2007 WCC Tournament
  • 2007 MAAC Tournament
  • 2007 MWC Tournament
  • 2007 Big Ten Tournament
  • 2007 Big West Tournament
  • 2007 MVC Tournament
  • 2007 C-USA Tournament
  • 2007 Pac-10 Tournament
  • 2007 Big 12 Tournament
  • 2007 WAC Tournament
  • 2007 America East Tournament
  • 2007 Horizon League Tournament
  • 2007 SEC Tournament
  • 2007 A-10 Tournament
  • 2007 Big East Tournament
  • 2007 CAA Tournament
  • 2007 Southern Tournament
  • 2007 MEAC Tournament
  • 2007 ACC Tournament
  • 2007 MAC Tournament
  • 2007 Sun Belt Tournament
  • Taliban resurgent in Pakistan on enforcement of Sharia law/Interview archive
  • Plane crashes into office block in Austin, Texas/suicide note
  • Wikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad/fr
  • 2007 National Invitation Tournament Brackets
  • Lemoine Suggests: investigations from a Wikimedia Foundation news leak/Email Sue Gardner January 7, 2008 7:53:44 PM PST

  • Shallow hope: Study suggests some corals are adapting to climate change
  • At least four dead, as tornadoes strike parts of Northeast Texas
  • North Korea launches ballistic missile test despite mounting international pressure
  • CNN Poll shows Nigerians ‘still love’ Fanta, Sprite
  • Voicing my thoughts as an :Indian Christian Citizen”
  • Call of Duty trailer hits 3.5M dislikes
  • ??? ??? ???????? ????? ??????
  • Colt delivers bandwidth transit between Europe and Asia-Pacific through Marseille
  • 13 injured in warehouse fire near Tehran
  • 13 Injured in Fire near Tehran
  • Cyclone Debbie wreaking havoc in North Qld
  • New research finds benefits in treating depression with hallucinogenic ayahuasca
  • Two-thirds of Great Barrier Reef now bleached
  • Small tracks mean big luck
  • The first visit to Ukraine of Master Palmero Ramos from Spain
  • Russia Collaborates with Ishvan and Indian Pharmaceutical Major for TB, Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs
  • North Korea warns US of ‘catastrophic consequences’ for ‘outrageous’ behaviour
  • Woodbury MN police hold Woodbury Community Conversation
  • Friv
  • Vintage VW enthusiasts converge at Kelley Park in San Jose, California
  • Who Shot Down MH17?
  • 2017 Paris Shooting
  • Hampton 70: A Celebration of Col. Bruce Hampton
  • US launches ‘mother of all bombs’ in caves used by ISIL in Afghanistan

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