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Cars The Movie Game}

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Cars the Movie Game



You can play the Cars game online, download it to your computer and play it on a Microsoft Windows system, an Apple Mac or an OS X, or, if you have a game console you can play Cars the movie game on PS 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, Wii Xbox and many more.

Even though it can be played on several different kinds of players, Cars the movie game is not exactly the same from one player to the other. For instance, if you play Cars the movie game on Nintendo DS or PSP the game play will be different from a Cars game that you would play online or on the Wii Xbox.

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Like any other free car racing game, Cars the movie game has several different levels that are lots of fun to play. In the Nintendo DS version of Cars the movie game the levels include Piston Cup, Worlds Best Backwards Driver, Gesundheit!, That Blinkin Light, Casa Della Tires and many more.

Cars the movie game is more than just inspired by the Pixar/Disney movie bearing the same name, it is also intended to be a sequel of the film. Lightning McQueen is still trying to win the Piston Cup only now the players can race as their favorite characters and help him.

The list of characters that you can race as is different from one version of Cars the movie game to the next. For instance, in the PS2 and Wii Xbox versions you can play characters like DJ, Luigi, Boost, Mater, Wingo, Sally Carrera and Sheriff.

On the other hand in the PSP version, in addition to the characters already mentioned, you can also play Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Lizzie, Flo, Fillmore, Ramone and Sarge. The race cars that you can drive in the Nintendo DS version include Sputter Stop, Vinyl Toupee, Gasprin and Leakless. This free car racing game offers the player five Piston Cup races, twenty road races, countless mini games and it also features clips from the film. If you want to view the film clips make sure you collect all the lightning bolts that are scattered around Ornament Valley, Radiator Springs and Tailfin Pass.

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Cars the Movie Game }

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