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World Wide Advertising}

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World Wide Advertising



To have an effective world wide advertising campaign an Organization must define the objectives and fulfill them effectively. Various types of media are used worldwide for Advertising, some major ones are:

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Television Advertising is done using a television advertisement, also called a Television Commercial. It can be a major part of world wide advertising. Many organizations pay for production of Television programs and intersperse the programme with their Television Advertising. The Television channels make the programs with timeslots available for the Brands to do their Television advertising.

Print Advertising is done by printing the advertisements on the Newspapers or magazines. The type of readers of the newspaper and the magazine, decide the type of Brands which will use Print Advertising as their campaign medium.

Radio Advertising is done using radio. This is one of frequently used form of world wide advertising. The Brands purchase the airtime for their Radio Advertising commercial from the radio station and air their advertisement on the radio. The Radio Advertising time slot is decided by the Brand based on the listener Target group of the programme.

Internet advertising is one of the cheapest forms of world wide advertising network. Internet Advertising is done by using banners, text on the websites and requires in detail planning & strategy depending on the organization goals, business model and involves proper choice of website, internet advertising type and the design of the campaign. A very important aspect of Internet Advertising is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Mobile Advertising is interactive. Mobile Advertising can be implemented in multiple ways like mobile advertising using sms, mobile advertising viral campaigns, mobile advertising using web banner, mobile advertising using wap banner, hosting etc.

Outdoor Advertising is another form of world wide advertising network is also called Out-Of-Home advertising is absolutely opposite to the Internet, Print or Television advertising, in the sense that outdoor advertising is done to reach the consumers when they are not in home i.e. when the consumers are in public places. Some of the media options available for Outdoor advertising are hoardings, pole kiosks, billboards, street furniture etc.

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Joomla is the most popular of the multiple CMSs available over the internet. It is one of the software packages that enables the user to create, edit, publish and manage the content of his website, blogs and mobile applications as well. With its scalable MVC (Model-view-Controller) architecture, it forms an excellent base for building web applications too, and we the Rajasri Systems, a software development company, based at Chennai, have an extensive experience working in multiple Joomla projects with our expertise team of dedicated freelancer Joomla developers.

Our techno-geeks working under Joomla projects have the intense ability to listen to the needs of our valued customers to produce an excellent output to the best of their satisfaction. Whatever your need be, a business website, a blog or a mobile application, being backed by our skilled freelancer working in Joomla projects as freelancer joomla software developers in Chennai, we assure you to produce quality projects competing global standards. The Joomla, the most powerful CMS, has been the best choice of most of the small, medium and large sized organisations all over the world and is an award winning CMS supported by over more than half a million of active contributors.

Some of the highlighting features of Joomla are as follows:

Multi Lingual:

Joomla is the most popular and powerful CMS platform supporting multiple languages in the world, in about 64 and odd number of languages. Our expertise, Joomla freelancer build websites in Chennai and working on Joomla project would help you with an astounding online presence, created in different languages of your choice like that of English, French and a lot more, for you to get access to a broader audience with ease.

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Easy Upgrades:

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining any software application is keeping it up to date. But the task is so simple and easy with Joomla just with a single click. Further, it has an inbuilt updater with an automated checker which notifies often if anything needs to be updated. Effective maintenance of your websites with rapid updates, forms an intermittent part of business success and Joomla helps you achieve this with little effort.

Built-in SEO functionality:

The primary purpose of creating a business website or blog is to ensure higher search engine rankings of the popular search engine pages to drag the immediate attention of the huge prospects. Joomla allows the user to set up the meta description and the meta keywords of the desired pages of the web that enhances your search engine rankings.


Joomla offers an excellent source of extensions which enable the user to choose from to customize his website to meet his growing business needs. With its extensive extensions our freelancer Joomla developers would help you out in adding any of your desired functionalities that include classified advertisements, reporting and analytical tools, eCommerce, galleries, Forums and a lot more.


Joomla offers a vast collection of templates that is highly suitable for a variety of educational institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, corporate houses and industrial organizations. There are so many options available in front of you as if you can make your best choice that is highly suitable for your business concerned. Even if you can’t find the most appropriate one, it is so easy and cheap for you to get the apt one developed for you without much complications.

Access Control Lists.

The Access Control List is one of the most powerful components of Joomla since it enables the user to have a continuous access to his web portal as to the creator, editor, viewer and the publisher of the content without much formality.

Thus, freelancer Joomla software development in Chennai is for sure the most powerful content management systems available.

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International AIDS conference begins in Toronto

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twenty-four thousand delegates from over 132 countries are expected to attend the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto this week

Delegates include scientists, politicians, health care workers, government and non-governmental officials, people with AIDS and celebrities. In attendance will be Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill Clinton, Richard Gere, Olympia Dukakis and Sandra Oh.

The theme of the conference is “Time to Deliver” and is meant to focus attention on the need to meet past promises to increase funding for treatment, care and prevention. The conference began on August 13th and is scheduled to end on August 18th.

There is growing frustration with the failure of developed countries to provide drugs to combat the AIDS crisis in the developing world, particularly Africa.

“What the Western world has to do is deliver on its promises, which it never does. It always betrays the people of Africa,” Stephen Lewis, the UN secretary general’s special envoy for HIV-AIDS in Africa, told CBC News.

In the week leading up to the conference, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates announced a donation of US$500 million spread over five years to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Gates and former US President Bill Clinton will be sharing the podium during this week’s conference.

International AIDS conferences have usually been attended by world leaders, particularly the leader of the host country. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been criticized for snubbing the conference by sending his health minister, Tony Clement, to attend in his place. The prime minister, who is touring Canada’s far north this week, officially declined his invitation to attend three weeks ago.

“It’s a dreadful mistake in political judgment, and it’s not excusable,” said Lewis, who was Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations in the 1980s. “It’s a lost opportunity to tell the world how Canada feels about this pandemic.

“The Arctic sovereignty issue will still be there on August 18 (when the AIDS conference ends),” said Lewis. “Forty million people worldwide carry this virus, and most will die preventable deaths. What greater scourge is there than that?”

This is the second major international event Canada has hosted which Harper has snubbed. Last month, he did not appear in Montreal for the 2006 World Outgames, a celebration of elite gay, lesbian, and transgendered athletes.

The AIDS conference is expected to be the largest in history and will be ten times the size of the first which was held in Atlanta in 1985. It has become a biennial event and is convened by the International AIDS Society (IAS), an independent association of HIV professionals, with more than 7,000 members from 153 countries.

5 Steps To Easy Dog Training}

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5 Steps to Easy Dog Training



Dogs are particularly sensitive creatures that need to be handled with the utmost care if you are going to get the best out of them. Dog training is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you and your dog co exist in harmony. Without the proper training, your dog can be a constant source of frustration to you.

Dogs are social animals by nature hence their ability to interact so well with human beings. The domestic dog is one that has been trained to obey its masters commands totally. Wild dogs usually move in packs and can be extremely ferocious because they are untamed.

A dog will be able to respond to a command if you use it more often. Consistency in dog training helps your dog to respond positively to your commands. Hand signals and body language are all part of the communicative tools used by dog trainer to train a dog.

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Herding dogs are born with the instinct to herd. Herding dogs are usually used in farms and the countryside to herd cattle or sheep. Basically most owners of herding dogs use audible command tools to train their dogs because of the nature of the herding job.

It is not enough to train your dog to obey your every command as you will also have to get it to love you as well. A relationship between you and your dog that is based on love and trust can enhance your training sessions. If your dog is terrified of you, training it may not be a raving success.

Sometimes, a dogs difficult behavior is not necessarily your fault. Your dog may be acting badly because of certain inherent factors that only a dog psychologist can determine. A good dog trainer can bring out the best of your dog without much hassles.

Taking care of a dog involves giving it love, care, foodand training. Without training, a dog is liable not to recognize its limits and may actually end up taking you for granted. A safe and secure environment for your dog will ensure that it is trained successfully.

Praise is to dogs what love is to humans. Dont forget to praise your dog when it gets a command right. A reward system encourages your dog to learn eagerly.

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Wikinews Shorts: September 29, 2010

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A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

Ties found between Abu Ghraib prison abuse and Guantanamo Bay

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

In testimony at a military hearing yesterday on abuses at the U.S. prison camp in Iraq, the former warden of Abu Ghraib, Maj. David Dinenna, said he attended in September 2003 a meeting with Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, who was then commander of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Maj. Dinenna said Gen. Miller recommended using dogs, because of their effectiveness.

Two dog handler soldiers at Abu Ghraib stand accused in the hearing. Sgt. Santos A. Cardona, 31, and Sgt. Michael J. Smith, 24, are alleged to have used the dogs to threaten and intimidate prisoners. During the defendants’ testimony on Tuesday, they said the interrogation techniques used by them on prisoners was learned from a team of interrogators that was dispatched to Iraq from the Guantanamo Bay military base in Cuba.

The Article 32 military court proceeding, which concluded Wednesday in Fort Meade, Maryland, is a preliminary hearing to hear prosecution and defense arguments in the case. The Prosecution is seeking a court-martial with claims that the defendants acted criminally. The Defense contends the soldiers were following orders, and that the charges should be dropped.

The investigating officer of the military court, Maj. Glenn Simpkins, has two weeks to weigh the evidence that was presented. Some or all charges could be dropped, but if some charges stand, he will make a recommendation on how Sgts. Cardona and Smith should be dealt with when it goes to trial.

The two accused said in yesterday’s testimony that Col. Thomas M. Pappas, the top military intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib, approved the use of the dogs. Testimony was also heard from Pvt. Ivan L. “Chip” Frederick, now serving an 8-year sentence in Fort Leavenworth for his role as ringleader in the abuse, who testified by phone from prison that approval was given to use the dogs, and that a civilian interrogator was also sometimes involved in directing which prisoner cells were to be visited by dog handlers.

In addition to the use of dogs, aggressive interrogation techniques such as clothing removal and sleep deprivation were also part of the series of abuses. Staff Sgt. James Vincent Lucas previously had told Army investigators in Guantanamo that he left Cuba in 2003 to go to Iraq where he, as a member of a 6-man team, taught the “lessons learned” at Guantanamo, and served to “provide guidelines” to interrogators at Abu Ghraib.

Legislation sponsored by several Senate Republicans seeks to specifically regulate the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo and other military prisons. A co-sponsor of the bill, Lindsey Graham (RSC), recently released declassified internal memos dating from 2003 and written by top military lawyers. They warned the Pentagon about the aggressive tactics at Guantanamo. The memos noted it would heighten the dangers for U.S. troops caught by the enemy.

Army charge sheets accuse Cardona and Smith with maltreating detainees from November 15, 2003, to January 15, 2004 by “directing, encouraging, or permitting [their] unmuzzled military working dog[s] to bark and growl at detainees in order to unlawfully harass and threaten the detainees and in order to make the detainees urinate or defecate on themselves.”

Cardona, of Fullerton, with the 42nd Military Police Detachment in Ft. Bragg, N.C., was charged with nine counts. Smith, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with the 523rd Military Police Detachment in Ft. Riley, Kan., was charged with 14 counts.

Dogs rescue owner during diabetic attack

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Centerton, Indiana a man is alive thanks to his 2 dogs.

Bill Burns was taking his nightly stroll with his dogs, Butch and Dusty, when he had a severe diabetic attack in a cornfield.

His dogs immediately reacted.

Morgan County sheriff’s Deputy, Steve Hoffman, was on a rural road just finishing with a traffic stop, when he noticed a light shining from a cornfield. “I noticed what appeared to be an illumination or a light that was flickering and facing my direction,” Hoffman said. When he got out of his car and walked to where he saw the light, he found Butch was holding a flashlight like he would a bone, in his mouth. Meanwhile, Dusty had stretched himself across Mr. Burns to try and keep him warm.

Hoffman said he then noticed that Mr. Burns was wearing a diabetic medical bracelet and immediately took him to the hospital.

Burns says that he does not remember the ordeal, but thinks that Hoffman even seeing the light is remarkable enough for him.

“It’s got to be just fate or faith, one or the other,” Burns said.

The dogs “definitely are the heroes in the story,” said Hoffman.

Burns was in the hospital nearly 4 days before he had been released.

“Had he not had the dogs with him that evening, I think the outcome would have been a lot worse,” Hoffman said.

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Chairs produced from cane are exquisite accessories for any interior. You may discover cane seat rockers in the baby’s room or cane woven loveseats in a sunporch decked out with tropical wall art and fish wall hangings.

If you need to mend a hand-caned chair, you should take it to a professional craftsman. Luckily, you can fix machine-woven caning problems including sagging cane or a seat replacement.

But your machine-woven cane seating can effortlessly be fixed at home, whether the trouble is a sagging seat or if you want to exchange the seat entirely. Machine-woven cane is commonly connected with an easy to replace spline. If a chair is floppy, you oftentimes can fix if without even removing the slat or replacing the wickerwork. Here is some info to help you determine what kind of mend your cane chair demands in order to make it as great as new.

Seat is Drooping

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A cane chair will droop with recurring use, especially if the chair happens to be wet. But don’t worry; this is a simple fix. Start by turning the chair over. Then you will have to wipe down the wicker of the chair with a damp cloth, taking caution to avoid getting the frame wet. Allow the cane to dry for an entire twenty-four hours; this allows contracting of the material. In order to preclude further slack, spray the chair with a mist of water every month and let it dry before using it once again. This will likewise guard against cracking and drying out of the cane.

Entire Seat Replacement

Similar to window screen, the cane that is found in machine-woven seating is attached to the frame with spline. If need be, this can be replaced. Locate a rut on the chair’s frame that is filled with wood spline. In order to fix the seat, you want to take out the slat and replace it.

Make certain you have plenty of cane to make the fix. You will need enough to cover the seat with an allowance of two or more inches on either side. Cane is sold in major craft stores and comes in sheets that are either one foot or two feet wide. In addition to the cane, you will require caning spline, a hammer, utility knife, wedges, flathead screwdriver, scissors, wood glue, fine-grit sandpaper, and measuring tape. You should also have a sink nearby or a vat of warm water with a big rag or towel.

First, you need to take measurements of the seat of your chair and cut the caning so it will have two inches of surplus on every side. Place the cut cane in the bath of tepid water for approximately forty-five minutes; this makes the cane easy to work with and more pliable. While you are waiting for the new caning, get rid of the old material. Use the flathead screwdriver to jimmy the slat up from its position. The utility knife can also be employed to cut about the edges of the material if it is hard to remove. Be certain that all glue and debris is removed from the grooves of the chair also.

* After making certain that the new caning is malleable, take it out of the water and pat dry with a rag. Position the cane over the seat and use a wedge and hammer to tap it into the rut in the chair. Pull the wicker taut but be careful not to warp the caning. Then tap a wedge into the opposite side. Set more wedges about the circumference of the chair frame.

* After the wedges have been placed around the chair, remove them one at a time. As you remove the wedges glue the new spline in. If you need to, use both the wedge and hammer to put the spline into the rut. After you have taken the wedges out and put in the spline, cut the spline to fit and fit the final section in. Permit the glue to dry before cutting off any surplus material and glue using the knife. Sand the space with the sand paper. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all debris. Then add a coating of spray seal to the fresh wickerwork.

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Two slain in knife attack at Swedish IKEA furniture retailer

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two people were killed yesterday afternoon and another seriously injured in Västerås, Sweden. The injured man is considered a suspect in the knife attack and was arrested in hospital. Another man was arrested at the scene, which was an IKEA furniture retailer. According to police, the two fatalities do not have any obvious connection to the suspects, but did know each other. The motive is, thus far, unknown.

Police were called to the scene at 13:00 local time and found three stab victims. Initially, all three were considered victims, but the status of one has been changed to suspect. The other two, a man and a woman, subsequently died from their wounds. Police have said CCTV is helping in the investigation. Local newspaper Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) has reportedly posted footage of one of the suspects being tackled by police.

VLT has further claimed to have identified the two victims as a mother and son, aged 55 and 28 respectively. According to the paper, the victims were not local residents, but did have a connection with Västerås, where they were vacationing at the time of the attack, which a police spokesperson has called “an act of madness” ((sv)) Swedish language: En galen händelse .

“This is the worst working day of my life” ((sv)) Swedish language: Det är den värsta arbetsdagen i mitt liv , said Mattias Johansson, the store manager of IKEA in Västerås, to Sveriges Television. IKEA spokesperson Anna Pilkrona-Godden told BBC News, “Our thoughts are with those affected,” and said the store is closed for the time being.

Västerås is in central Sweden, approximately 115 km (70 miles) west from the capital Stockholm. The population is roughly 110 thousand.

Tornadoes cause millions in damages in Waco, Texas

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Early Saturday morning winds up to 90 miles per hour struck Waco, Texas and central McLennan County, United States, causing widespread damage and leaving many households without electricity.

No deaths or serious injuries have been reported; however, there is a tremendous amount of damage in 15 areas of the city, leading Mayor Virgina DuPuy to declare the city a disaster area.

The hardest hit area was Franklin Avenue, where the Coca-Cola bottling plant’s roof was peeled open as if by a giant can-opener. There were Sprite bottles spread out onto the street. The nearby Furniture Row shopping center was also hit hard. Some furniture was found as far as three-quarters of a mile away. Other hard-hit areas were Robinson, Hewitt, Woodway, and Speegleville. Densely populated Inner Waco was spared of any catastrophic damage, though hundreds, and possibly thousands, of trees have fallen, and roofs destroyed.

The main concern is restoring power to over 23,000 households and businesses. Many gas stations and grocery stores in the disaster areas were closed until power is restored. Those that remained open have had to throw out all perishable items. Also of concern is getting electricity to those with medical needs. The city has provided help to those without power at the Dewey Recreation Center.

The storm is the hardest to hit the area since the tornado that struck on May 11, 1953, which tore through downtown and killed 114 people.

Waco has seen more than its share of tornadoes recently. Only a week ago, an F1 tornado damaged many houses along Orchid and Kendall Lanes. No people were injured, though two horses were killed when their stable collapsed.

The National Weather Service confirmed this morning’s winds were a F2 tornado, where wind speeds may have reached 115 miles per hour in some locations.