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Marketing on the internet is very broad. Statistic reports that over ninety percent of the people who join internet marketing business fail or give up before the first three months. No doubt, it is a very complicated job especially for beginners. One thing a lot of people fail to understand is that, internet marketing does not have to be painful due to the vast amount of tools available at your disposal. To succeed in this kind of business, you need to be properly informed.

As a beginner in the internet marketing business, the first thing you need to do is learn how things work. There isnt a good place to begin your journey than the forums. There are several online marketing forums that you can sign up with and get tons of information. These forums allow you to join them for free and ask your question. There are many renowned internet entrepreneurs on such forums willing to share their experience with you completely free within a few minutes of posting your query. You can even decide to just sit and watch the discussions that go on within the different segment of the online forum and pick anyone that interest you. You are going to learn a lot from participating in forum and also make friends as well as boost your business.

Signing up as an affiliate of a reputable marketing company will give you the chance to lay your hands on tons of free marketing tools. Most of these companies provide support for all their affiliates and you would have the opportunity of learning from your sponsor that is the person who referred you to the business.

If you have some money to throw around, you can hire a mentor to put you through online marketing. The truth is, majority of people who made it as an internet marketer had a more experience person behind them. You might be lucky enough to find an experience person who is just willing to walk you through the process without any out of pocket cost, if you dont have that chance you might want to take a shot at employing a professional. These days, with as little as $1 a day, you can have an expert at your beck and call.

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Like I mentioned above, internet marketing business does not have to be difficult. There are many tools you can use to sky rock your business. For instance, if you are going into a new niche, there are many SEO tools you can use to verify if that niche is worth putting the effort. If you are using article marketing for your business, you have tools like article spinners and article distribution tool to help you speed up the process.

Instead of following up with your prospect manually, you can use auto-responder to ease your job.

Internet marketing business does not have to be a pain in the neck. There are many available options for whatever kind of problem you find yourself.

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China responds to US plan for import quotas

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

China is questioning a decision by the U.S. Commerce Department that seeks to re-impose trade quotas on Chinese textiles. The three-decade long system of quotas was lifted on January 1.

“This is not reasonable,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters. “This is unfair. This is protectionist.”

The U.S. administration justified their decision by presenting data which showed increases of over one thousand percent for cotton knit shirts and cotton trousers. The administration also cited a 300 percent increase of imports of underwear.

Qin disputed the U.S. reasoning for the decision.

“The major reason for this issue is that the United States has over-protectionist, irrational and unreasonable arrangements,” he said.

“Other countries that are more competitive will still take over from China, and the US can’t impose safeguards on those countries,” Peter Liu, chairman of the textiles and apparel committee at the American Chamber of Commerce, told the Financial Times in Hong Kong. “Obviously, the US textile industry has concerns about job elimination, but on the other hand there are a lot of US industries that like to do business with China by exporting to China. If this escalates into a trade war, that’s to nobody’s benefit,” he said.

The U.S. Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel (AITA) also supports China’s product imports.

“There is no reason to believe that imports of these products from China are causing market disruption,” AITA spokeswoman Laura E. Jones said.

The U.S. administration cited a need to avoid “market disruption.”

“Free trade must be fair trade, and we will work to ensure that American manufacturers and workers compete on a level playing field,” read a statement issued by U.S. Commerce department spokeman Carlos M. Gutierrez. “The decision is the first step in a process to determine whether the U.S. market for these products is being disrupted and whether China is playing a role in that disruption.” The statement also said the administration was “providing assistance to our domestic textile and apparel industry consistent with our international rights and obligations.”

“We are very pleased that the government is taking this action,” Lloyd Wood, a spokesman for the American Manufacturing Trade Coalition told The New York Times. “It sends a strong message to China that predatory trade practices will be investigated.”

The U.S. Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements issued its decision on Monday, under the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). China joined the WTO in 2001.

Shirts, trousers, and underwear are one of the few remaining types of clothing manufactured in the United States. The United States is running an all-time high trade deficit with China of US$162 billion.

Iraqi activist forced to change t-shirt with Arabic peace slogan

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi peace activist who lives in the United States, was forced to change his T-Shirt, which bore an Arabic slogan, because it was found “offensive”.

The incident took place in JFK airport in New York. The activist Jarrar reported in his blog RaedInTheMiddle that he had checked-in his bags and was issued a boarding pass. After waiting near the gate to board his jetBlue airlines flight, and after having to gone through a secondary search, two officials approached him.

“People are feeling offended because of your t-shirt,” Raed reported that one of the men said to him. The writings on the T-Shirt said in both Arabic and English: “We will not be silent”.

Raed asked why this has offended anyone, and insisted his right to freedom of expression was violated.

According to Jarrar, one of the inspectors said, “You can’t wear a T-shirt with Arabic script and come to an airport. It is like wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘I am a robber’ and going to a bank”. The airport official, unable to read Arabic, was unyielding to protests by Jarrar that the English language version of the Arabic was accurate, and suggested he wear the shirt inside out.

“Many people called and complained about your t-shirt. Jetblue customers were calling before you reached the checkpoint, and customers called when you were waiting here in the boarding area”, Jarrar was told after he complained.

One employee from JetBlue offered to buy Jarrar a T-shirt to replace the one he was wearing, since the activist had none other after his bags were checked. Refusing at first, he agreed to wear one with “New York” written on it.

The officer on the scene commented that it need not have gone from one extreme to the other: wearing a T-Shirt with an Arabic peace slogan on it, to wearing one with ‘New York’. There is no reason to hate New York if you are an Arab speaking peace activist, according to Jarrar.

“I feel very sad that my personal freedom was taken away like this. I grew up under authoritarian governments in the Middle East, and one of the reasons I chose to move to the U.S. was that I don’t want an officer to make me change my t-shirt. I will pursue this incident today through a constitutional rights organization, and I am sure we will meet soon,” Raed said.

He was issued another boarding pass, with a different seat at the back of the plane.

JetBlue said it was investigating the incident but a spokeswoman said: “We’re not clear exactly what happened.” The spokeswoman also said the airline does not forbid Arabic T-shirts, but that it does take into account the concerns of its passengers.

The American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee said the US Transportation Department and the Transportation Security Administration were also investigating the incident after the committee lodged complaints on behalf of Jarrar.

“We Will Not Be Silent” is a slogan adopted by opponents of the war in Iraq and other conflicts in the Middle East.

It is said to derive from the White Rose dissident group which opposed Nazi rule in Germany.

World Wide Advertising}

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World Wide Advertising



To have an effective world wide advertising campaign an Organization must define the objectives and fulfill them effectively. Various types of media are used worldwide for Advertising, some major ones are:

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Television Advertising is done using a television advertisement, also called a Television Commercial. It can be a major part of world wide advertising. Many organizations pay for production of Television programs and intersperse the programme with their Television Advertising. The Television channels make the programs with timeslots available for the Brands to do their Television advertising.

Print Advertising is done by printing the advertisements on the Newspapers or magazines. The type of readers of the newspaper and the magazine, decide the type of Brands which will use Print Advertising as their campaign medium.

Radio Advertising is done using radio. This is one of frequently used form of world wide advertising. The Brands purchase the airtime for their Radio Advertising commercial from the radio station and air their advertisement on the radio. The Radio Advertising time slot is decided by the Brand based on the listener Target group of the programme.

Internet advertising is one of the cheapest forms of world wide advertising network. Internet Advertising is done by using banners, text on the websites and requires in detail planning & strategy depending on the organization goals, business model and involves proper choice of website, internet advertising type and the design of the campaign. A very important aspect of Internet Advertising is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Mobile Advertising is interactive. Mobile Advertising can be implemented in multiple ways like mobile advertising using sms, mobile advertising viral campaigns, mobile advertising using web banner, mobile advertising using wap banner, hosting etc.

Outdoor Advertising is another form of world wide advertising network is also called Out-Of-Home advertising is absolutely opposite to the Internet, Print or Television advertising, in the sense that outdoor advertising is done to reach the consumers when they are not in home i.e. when the consumers are in public places. Some of the media options available for Outdoor advertising are hoardings, pole kiosks, billboards, street furniture etc.

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Pizza ‘lust’ campaign attracts numerous complaints

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Friday, November 3, 2006

New Zealand’s Hell Pizza company sparked a storm of protest on Thursday after putting 170,000 condoms in mailboxes.

Hell Pizza, located in 18 cities throughout New Zealand, included a condom and explicit instructions on how to use it during sex in its small pamphlet delivered to promote its “Lust” pizza, and has attracted more than 30 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Groups such as Family Life International, Focus on the Family and the Catholic Church have condemned the campaign as encouraging children to use the condoms and follow the “explicit instructions” contained in the packet and called for a boycott of the company.

“From the feedback we’re getting a lot of people are making complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and are boycotting Hell’s Pizza, and we encourage that.”

The church had received a number of complaints from people offended at finding a condom along with the advertising in their letterbox, Bishop Browne said.

Bob McCoskrie, national director of the group Family First said Hell Pizza had crossed the line of what was decent and acceptable advertising material to be put in letterboxes of families and that the connection between “meat-lovers” pizzas and condoms cheapened women and the act of sex, and that Hell Pizza’s advertising has previously been cheeky and fun, but he thinks the line has now been crossed.

“It is offensive to families to have condoms and explicit sex instructions put in their letterbox, and it is unacceptable for Hell Pizza to link pizza with the intimate act of sex,” McCoskrie says.

McCoskrie says children and families should be protected from offensive grubby advertising.

“It is time we started protecting our children and families. Family First believes the Advertising Standards Authority will be receiving plenty of complaints about Hell Pizza’s latest advertising campaign.”

Hell Pizza’s director Warren Powell refused to apologise for distributing the condoms.

Powell says the company discussed the promotion with Family Planning and the Aids Foundation and they completely support the campaign.

“While the primary aim of the campaign is to promote our Lust pizza, let’s not forget that promoting the use of condoms has important public benefits,” said Warren Powell.

“Government and public agencies distribute these things for free to young people.”

“Before this campaign started we rang a number of these agencies and offered them our excess condoms at no charge.”

Monday, October 3, 2016

Authorities in Indonesia initiated an investigation after a pornographic film was illicitly screened on a 24-square-meter (roughly 260-square-foot) LED billboard in the capital city of Jakarta on Friday, in full view of rush hour commuters.

The film, depicting a couple engaged in explicit sexual activity, appeared on the screen for several minutes — five, according to BBC News — during which time passerby took the opportunity to film the display and upload it onto the Internet. Following complaints to the South Jakarta Communications and Information Agency, authorities cut power to the billboard at about 2:45 p.m. to stop the screening.

According to a report on Saturday by Agence France-Presse, the film, identified as Japanese erotica titled Watch Tokyo Hot, was believed to have been transmitted to the billboard by a personal computer. Awi Setiyono, head of public relations for the police, said the investigative team for the incident includes a cyber crime unit, with the intention of determining whether the billboard was hacked.

Lestari Ady Wiryono, head of public information for South Jakarta, stated “The South Jakarta administration takes this matter seriously”. She said on Friday she had no information on the culprits or the source of the film. “We received the report and we immediately severed the electricity to there”, she said according to the Daily Mirror.

The billboard, located in close proximity to the office of the South Jakarta mayor, is owned by PT. Matapena Komunika Advertama, a private company, while content screened on it is the responsibility of PT. Transito Adiman Jati Transito Adverstising, according to The Jakarta Post. According to Lestari, following the incident, staff from her office along with the investigating cyber crime unit visited PT. Transito’s offices to gather information relating to the affected billboard.

The Indonesian government blocks access to pornographic websites in the country, whilst also subjecting scenes of romance in public broadcasts to heavy censorship. Under a 2015 decree, the government subjects content shown on billboards to standards of “public ethics, aesthetics, public order, decency, security and the environment”.

Submitted by: Rajasri Systems

Joomla is the most popular of the multiple CMSs available over the internet. It is one of the software packages that enables the user to create, edit, publish and manage the content of his website, blogs and mobile applications as well. With its scalable MVC (Model-view-Controller) architecture, it forms an excellent base for building web applications too, and we the Rajasri Systems, a software development company, based at Chennai, have an extensive experience working in multiple Joomla projects with our expertise team of dedicated freelancer Joomla developers.

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Some of the highlighting features of Joomla are as follows:

Multi Lingual:

Joomla is the most popular and powerful CMS platform supporting multiple languages in the world, in about 64 and odd number of languages. Our expertise, Joomla freelancer build websites in Chennai and working on Joomla project would help you with an astounding online presence, created in different languages of your choice like that of English, French and a lot more, for you to get access to a broader audience with ease.

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Easy Upgrades:

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining any software application is keeping it up to date. But the task is so simple and easy with Joomla just with a single click. Further, it has an inbuilt updater with an automated checker which notifies often if anything needs to be updated. Effective maintenance of your websites with rapid updates, forms an intermittent part of business success and Joomla helps you achieve this with little effort.

Built-in SEO functionality:

The primary purpose of creating a business website or blog is to ensure higher search engine rankings of the popular search engine pages to drag the immediate attention of the huge prospects. Joomla allows the user to set up the meta description and the meta keywords of the desired pages of the web that enhances your search engine rankings.


Joomla offers an excellent source of extensions which enable the user to choose from to customize his website to meet his growing business needs. With its extensive extensions our freelancer Joomla developers would help you out in adding any of your desired functionalities that include classified advertisements, reporting and analytical tools, eCommerce, galleries, Forums and a lot more.


Joomla offers a vast collection of templates that is highly suitable for a variety of educational institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, corporate houses and industrial organizations. There are so many options available in front of you as if you can make your best choice that is highly suitable for your business concerned. Even if you can’t find the most appropriate one, it is so easy and cheap for you to get the apt one developed for you without much complications.

Access Control Lists.

The Access Control List is one of the most powerful components of Joomla since it enables the user to have a continuous access to his web portal as to the creator, editor, viewer and the publisher of the content without much formality.

Thus, freelancer Joomla software development in Chennai is for sure the most powerful content management systems available.

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International AIDS conference begins in Toronto

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twenty-four thousand delegates from over 132 countries are expected to attend the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto this week

Delegates include scientists, politicians, health care workers, government and non-governmental officials, people with AIDS and celebrities. In attendance will be Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill Clinton, Richard Gere, Olympia Dukakis and Sandra Oh.

The theme of the conference is “Time to Deliver” and is meant to focus attention on the need to meet past promises to increase funding for treatment, care and prevention. The conference began on August 13th and is scheduled to end on August 18th.

There is growing frustration with the failure of developed countries to provide drugs to combat the AIDS crisis in the developing world, particularly Africa.

“What the Western world has to do is deliver on its promises, which it never does. It always betrays the people of Africa,” Stephen Lewis, the UN secretary general’s special envoy for HIV-AIDS in Africa, told CBC News.

In the week leading up to the conference, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates announced a donation of US$500 million spread over five years to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Gates and former US President Bill Clinton will be sharing the podium during this week’s conference.

International AIDS conferences have usually been attended by world leaders, particularly the leader of the host country. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been criticized for snubbing the conference by sending his health minister, Tony Clement, to attend in his place. The prime minister, who is touring Canada’s far north this week, officially declined his invitation to attend three weeks ago.

“It’s a dreadful mistake in political judgment, and it’s not excusable,” said Lewis, who was Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations in the 1980s. “It’s a lost opportunity to tell the world how Canada feels about this pandemic.

“The Arctic sovereignty issue will still be there on August 18 (when the AIDS conference ends),” said Lewis. “Forty million people worldwide carry this virus, and most will die preventable deaths. What greater scourge is there than that?”

This is the second major international event Canada has hosted which Harper has snubbed. Last month, he did not appear in Montreal for the 2006 World Outgames, a celebration of elite gay, lesbian, and transgendered athletes.

The AIDS conference is expected to be the largest in history and will be ten times the size of the first which was held in Atlanta in 1985. It has become a biennial event and is convened by the International AIDS Society (IAS), an independent association of HIV professionals, with more than 7,000 members from 153 countries.

5 Steps To Easy Dog Training}

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5 Steps to Easy Dog Training



Dogs are particularly sensitive creatures that need to be handled with the utmost care if you are going to get the best out of them. Dog training is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you and your dog co exist in harmony. Without the proper training, your dog can be a constant source of frustration to you.

Dogs are social animals by nature hence their ability to interact so well with human beings. The domestic dog is one that has been trained to obey its masters commands totally. Wild dogs usually move in packs and can be extremely ferocious because they are untamed.

A dog will be able to respond to a command if you use it more often. Consistency in dog training helps your dog to respond positively to your commands. Hand signals and body language are all part of the communicative tools used by dog trainer to train a dog.

YouTube Preview Image

Herding dogs are born with the instinct to herd. Herding dogs are usually used in farms and the countryside to herd cattle or sheep. Basically most owners of herding dogs use audible command tools to train their dogs because of the nature of the herding job.

It is not enough to train your dog to obey your every command as you will also have to get it to love you as well. A relationship between you and your dog that is based on love and trust can enhance your training sessions. If your dog is terrified of you, training it may not be a raving success.

Sometimes, a dogs difficult behavior is not necessarily your fault. Your dog may be acting badly because of certain inherent factors that only a dog psychologist can determine. A good dog trainer can bring out the best of your dog without much hassles.

Taking care of a dog involves giving it love, care, foodand training. Without training, a dog is liable not to recognize its limits and may actually end up taking you for granted. A safe and secure environment for your dog will ensure that it is trained successfully.

Praise is to dogs what love is to humans. Dont forget to praise your dog when it gets a command right. A reward system encourages your dog to learn eagerly.

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Wikinews Shorts: September 29, 2010

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A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, September 29, 2010.